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Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke

medical specialist in orthodontics

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Fixed or removable dental appliances - always as individual as your set of teeth.

Dental braces for a carefree smile

  Removable braces Metal braces Transparent braces Incognito-brackets
For kids Yes Yes Yes Yes
For adolescents Yes Yes Yes Yes
For adults Only as retainer after fixed dental braces Yes Yes Yes
Bite correction Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invisible No No Virtually invisible (transparent white brackets) Yes
Initial articulation difficulties No Yes  Yes Yes
Custom-made Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy to clean Yes Yes (takes more time) Yes (takes more time) Yes (takes more time)
Removable Yes No No No

Many appliances can be used within the context of an orthodontic treatment. Depending upon the desired tooth movement and misalignment of the teeth, either removable or fixed devices will be recommended. In some cases there is the need for a combined application (two-phase treatment). Both methods have significant advantages and also noticeable drawbacks. After all, DDr. Jonke and his team will analyze which method is most suitable to correct the particular misalignment of teeth. However, there are considerable differences between the methods.

In earlier times, removable dental braces - like activators or active plates - were primarily used for children and adolescents. Given the fact that removable dental braces are not able to move the root of the tooth, their use is limited to some minor corrections, like for example: crowded teeth, cross bite and over bite.

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Due to the wide spectrum of correction possibilities fixed dental braces are increasingly used today – especially with fully erupted teeth. Either overbite, gaps or deep overbite, fixed dental braces take effect 24 hours a day and thus are almost always used, enabling individual teeth to be moved controllably in all 3 dimensions.

Dental braces are becoming increasingly less noticeable. Even fixed braces consist of ever smaller and even tooth-colored or transparent brackets. This helps to hide the regulation and wearing of a brace by blending in with the teeth.

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