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Braces for children - a better quality of life begins with early care.

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Suitable dental braces for children

“I want a dental brace", is the sentence we are increasingly hearing from our younger patients. Some children hardly can wait to receive their dental braces. Others are a little worried about how they are going to look and how they will feel.

Most children do not have perfect teeth - simply take a close look at your classmates. So there is no need to worry if your teeth are not straight, or your upper and lower jaw are not the same size. It's most likely that many of your friends will even wear a dental brace sooner or later.

Did your parents wear dental braces when they were young? If so, then you are perhaps familiar with photos in which they had a mouth full of metal. Nowadays dental braces are much smaller and sometimes practically invisible. By means of small wires and rubber bands, which - incidentally - are also available in many bright colours, a small amount of pressure is constantly applied to the teeth until they stand straight.

How long this lasts depends on your particular set of teeth and differs from person to person. Most people wear their fixed dental braces for approximately two years. Frequently a so-called “retainer” follows it in order to prevent the teeth from returning to their original position.

Whilst you are wearing a dental brace it is especially important to clean your teeth thoroughly, since the dental brace in your mouth acts as a magnet for remains of food and sugar. Ideally sticky sweets should be avoided, because these might damage your dental braces.

You will see that it's worth making the effort at the latest, when the day of your dental brace removal has come and everyone admires your new, dazzling smile!

Our services for children 

  • Minimal extraction treatment (in other words, the remaining teeth are retained where possible)
  • Aesthetic orthodontics
  • Treatment with standard, removable dental appliances
  • Functional orthodontics (Bionator)
  • Treatment with "fixed" appliances (multi-bracket treatment)
  • Straight-wire technology, segmental arch technology
  • Pre-prosthetic orthodontics (e.g. for the straightening of protruding teeth)
  • Lingual technology (invisible multi-bracket treatment)
  • Aligner therapy (Invisalign method)

Do you also want your children to smile carefree? We will advise you what we can do for you.