Incognito braces – placed on the backside of the teeth |

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medical specialist in orthodontics

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Incognito™: brackets placed on the backside of the teeth

Patients who require only minor corrections do not necessarily have to wear visible braces over years. There is the possibility to place the brackets to the backside of the teeth and and thereby move them to the desired position. These lingual braces (behind-the-teeth braces) are not visible but act in the same way as standard fixed dental braces. Hence this method combines the advantages of conventional removable and fixed braces. From a medical perspective, a possible longer treatment duration and increased oral hygiene effort are indicated.

How it works!

Lingual braces are applied exclusively with fully erupted teeth. The brackets will be applied using a special adhesive. Once the adhesive is applied, the custom-made brackets will be placed on the back of your teeth. You will be able to feel the brackets on the back of your teeth. This unfamiliar feeling might cause articulation difficulties in some cases. This can be encountered with the support of a speech therapist.

Find more information about Incognito™ and lingual braces in the orthodontic guidance or directly consult with DDr. Jonke.