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Metal braces – traditional efficiency

Metal brackets
Fixed braces are made up of two components: on the one hand the brackets that are adhered directly to the front of the teeth and on the other hand, the wire that is attached with rubber bands or soft, thin wires to the brackets. Traditional braces consist of standard metal, made of stainless steel. Metal braces can help to correct all kinds of teeth and jaw misalignments, a reason why they are still very appreciated by orthontontists. Within the last years metal braces have become smaller and more comfortable to wear.

Self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets (e.g speed brackets) are metal brackets with a special attachment mechanism. They eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties, and instead use a permanently installed moveable component to attach the wire. The patient profits from a comparatively simpler change and adjustment of the arch wire.

Further types of braces
While metal braces are still the most common, other treatment options are available today. Moreover, there are clear braces (aligner), ceramic braces or lingual braces.