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Types and appliances – visible and invisible dental braces

Within the context of an orthodontic treatment numerous appliances and types of dental braces can be used. Depending on the desired tooth movement and misalignment of the teeth, either removable or fixed devices will be recommended - frequently also as a combined application (two-phase treatment). In everyday language, the term "dental brace" has become established for all orthodontic appliances.

Invisible braces
Due to the modern aligner technology (e.g. Invisalign method) offering transparent, removable dental "trays", dental braces are becoming increasingly less noticeable.

Also the lingual dental brace is practically invisible, despite being fixed in place. In the process, gold brackets (e.g. from Incognito) are fixed to the inside of the teeth and drawn together with an orthodontic wire.

Visible dental braces
Even the classic dental brace fixed to the outer surface of the teeth is hardly a detraction, since the brackets are meanwhile very small and also available in white.

Ultimately, the system that most effectively leads to the desired effect is always dependent on the individual diagnosis. In any case, regular check-up appointments should be adhered to in order to adjust the dental brace to the treatment progress and thus optimally tailor it to your needs.

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