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Invisible dental braces

Not everyone has the privilege to be born with perfect teeth. Therefore a correction is often needed to put your teeth in the right position. However, such a therapy, whether it is for cosmetic or medical reasons, takes several years. To be able to be happy and smiling during this period of time, it is possible to get advice on invisible braces. These are either permanent or removable and achieve a similar successful treatment as conventional braces. Below we show an overview of the various forms of therapy.

  Incognito braces Invisalign-method / aligner method
For kids Yes Yes
For adolescents Yes Yes
For adults Yes Yes
Bite correction Yes Yes
Invisible Yes Yes (virtually invisible)
Initial articulation difficulties Yes Yes (only initially)
Custom-made Yes Yes
Easy to clean Yes (takes more time) Yes
Removable No Yes

There are several options for invisible braces like:

Inside braces 

  • Incognito Orthodontic Braces

 Clear aligners 

The length of treatment and costs for your invisible braces vary and depend on the particular situation of the misalignment. DDr. Jonke and his team are looking forward to advise you with selecting the right method for you. Contact us or call us for a non-binding consultation.