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Types of visible dental braces

When talking about visible dental braces, there is still a distinction between removable and fixed models. Both types of braces look back at many years of technical development and improvement. Compared to invisible braces, the visible dental braces usually tend to have a more attractive price Depending on your personal requirements and the type of misalignment of your teeth, Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Jonke will help you to find the right method.

Here are four different kinds of visible braces you can choose from to improve your smile:Types of visible dental braces

  Removable dental braces Metal brackets Transparent brackets
For kids Yes Yes Yes
For adolescents Yes Yes Yes
For adults Only as retainer after fixed dental braces Yes Yes
Bite correction Yes Yes Yes
Invisible No No Virtually invisible (transparent white brackets)
Initial articulation difficulties No Yes Yes
Custom-made Yes Yes Yes
Easy to clean Yes Yes (takes more time) Yes (takes more time)
Removable Yes No No