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The Invisalign® method – invisible orthodontic treatment

Invisible orthodontic treatment: The Invisalign Method

The Invisalign® or aligner system enables you to realize your dream of a dazzling smile, without anyone noticing your treatment. To this end, a series of transparent, practically invisible synthetic guards are specially manufactured for you. These so-called "aligners" are easy and pleasant to wear and are changed for a new set of aligners in a two-week cycle.

Only the impact is visible

The Invisalign Method: invisible aligner and visible impact

In the process the Invisalign® method works from day one; each new aligner moves your set of teeth one step gradually towards the projected final position. It does so without impacting upon your daily routine, since for dental care, meals or special occasions the aligners could easily be removed. This helps to avoid the higher effort for oral hygiene, as it is necessary for fixed dental braces. The aligners itself should be cleaned with a toothbrush, cleaning crystals or liquid soap in order to effectively counteract the accumulated deposit.  


Advantages of the Invisalign® method


The Aligner Method for a carefree smile

The most obvious benefits are aesthetics and transparency of the Invisalign® method. However, there is a series of noticeable advantages of the aligner therapy when comparing it with fixed dental braces. Hence it is no surprise that more than one million people throughout the world have already opted for this orthodontic treatment. Experience it for yourself!

The aligners are individually custom made for you from a special, medical synthetic material and are particularly gentle on your teeth and gums. In consideration of the material Invisalign® is suitable for use by persons who suffer from allergies to metallic substances. The smooth surface minimizes the risk of oral irritations. In contrast to fixed dental braces aligner do not form gaps and spaces where dental plaque can lead subsequently to caries. Although it is simple to remove the aligners: For an optimal success of the therapy it is necessary to wear the aligners at least 22 hours per day.

Virtually invisible

Aligners comprise transparent, thin synthetic material and are therewith practically invisible. If you don't tell anyone, it is unlikely that anyone will ever notice that you are wearing a corrective appliance.

Transparent and effective: The Invisalign Method

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