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Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke

medical specialist in orthodontics

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Overview – Provider of the aligner method

Invisalign® Clear Aligner® further providers

Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke and his team aim to provide you with the most efficient treatment to meet your personal expectation. Hence we use several treatment methods to adjust your malocclusion.

After you have decided either for your fixed, removable, visible or invisible method - you have the choice between different providers. In every case Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke will help you to find the most suitable option.

In the case of fixed dental braces the selection of the particular brackets is decisive. If you already decided to start with the aligner method, there are different providers to compare, like for example Invisalign®, Clear Aligner® and a few other important providers. Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke professionally advises you about the different aligner providers and their particular advantages and drawbacks.