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Clear Aligner® – nearly invisible and removable

For patients with minor teeth misalignments a Clear Aligner® therapy is definitely a recommendable option. This dental aligner method has mentionable advantages. The aligners are removable and hence easier to clean. Due to the transparency the patients’ environment often does not recognize the aligner.

Clear Aligner® has been developed especially to straighten teeth of adults. However, Clear Aligner® can also be an option for adolescents and young adults with fully erupted teeth. Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke and his team will take an impression of your set of teeth and develop a dental plan.

The aligners – made from medical synthetic material – are individually produced for every patient and the number depends on the particular dental plan. During the treatment the aligners get replaced regularly and hence adjust the misalignments of teeth continuously.

Apart from Clear Aligner® there are several other providers of the aligner method. Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke and his team are glad to help you finding the suitable provider, meeting your demands at best. Please contact us via our contact form or call us to arrange a non-binding consultation.