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Invisalign® – transparent and removable aligner

For some patients even smallish misalignments cause an impact on their individual well-being and optical appearance. Sometimes, gaps or open bites lead to a change in personal behaviour, like the typical smiling with closed lips or not showing self-confidently their own teeth.

For some reason patients sometimes can only hardly imagine wearing a fixed dental brace for several years, especially in a certain age. In this case aligner from Invisalign® can be a suitable option to adjust misalignments.

The Invisalign® method is based on removable and transparent aligners that change within a two-week cycle among your personal dental plan. With every new aligner of the misalignment is corrected step by step. The main reason for adults deciding for the Invisalign® method is – besides their inconspicuousness - the possibility to remove the aligner for eating, brushing the teeth, taking pictures, doing sports or other special occasions.

If Invisalign® is the right aligner method to meet your personal demands, Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke will discuss with you in a first consultation. Please contact us to start your way towards a perfect smile.