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Are aligners suitable for me?

Researching about invisible methods of tooth modulation, one quickly comes toward the Invisalign®-Method or some other aligner method. But for whom is it actually suitable? Does it affect the articulation? Are aligners easy to clean? These are only a few of a lot of questions, which patients are confronted with. This page should give you a principal orientation.

Is the Invisalign®-Method suitable for me?
A lot of misalignments can efficiently be treated with the Invisalign®-method or some other aligner methods, without being noticed by others. If this method is suitable for your requirements, will be clarified in a personal consultation with DDr. Jonke.

Does my articulation suffer from the therapy with the aligner method?
Like in any orthodontic therapy, with the aligner method you have to anticipate with time for acclimation, too. From the beginning the bigger part of the patients do not have any problems with the articulation.

In case this does not happen with you, you can arrange an appointment with an experienced speech therapist.

What is the best way to clean your aligner?
For the daily cleaning it is recommended to use a soft toothbrush and a liquid soap. Never use toothpaste, denture cleaning or mouthwash, since those cleaning materials could cause clouding of the synthetical rack rail. After cleaning, rinse the aligner well with water.

Attention: boiling or too hot water can cause damages. So please watch the water temperature.

Is it allowed to chew gum or eat something?
No. Due to the chewing motion the aligners’ surface could be roughened and unclear. In addition with chewing gum you risk to agglutinate your aligner.

May I drink while wearing the Aligner?
You can drink at any time. It is recommended to drink water. Please take care, that your beverages are preferably sugarless. Red wine, black tea or similar drinks can stain the aligners, hence we advise you to avoid the consumption of these beverages.

What do I have to keep in mind with the oral hygiene?
After every meal and before inserting the aligner, you have to clean your teeth. We also recommend the care of your tooth with dental floss or interdental brushes as well as regular oral hygiene meetings at your dentist.

Is the therapy with aligner painful?
After inserting a new aligner a feeling of pressure or tension can be noticed for a few hours depending on the sensibility of your teeth.