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What is the Invisalign® / aligner method?

The Invisalign Method with invisible aligner

With the aligner method from Invisalign®, it is possible to unobtrusively and effectively correct malocclusions. Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke and his team will take an impression of your teeth and will consequently provide you with custom-made synthetic aligners. Those aligners can be removed to eat, maintain your optimal oral hygiene, practice sports and other special occasions. Every two weeks you replace your aligners and move one step towards your desired outcome and a perfect smile. Find out which procedures and treatment stages you can expect during the aligner method:

1. Dental plan with 3D model 

A 3D model will be created following a comprehensive consultation, the presentation of a dental plan in our surgery as well as the impression of your teeth with the aid of an intraoral scanner. This enables the individual movement steps to be calculated until the desired tooth position is achieved. By means of this 3D representation, Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke will plan your treatment and from the very outset, you will have a chance to see how beautiful your smile will appear once treatment has been completed.

2. Your Invisalign® aligner is custom-made 

As soon as you have approved the dental treatment plan, your aligners will be personally customized to the impression of your teeth. The number of aligners produced depends upon the extent and type of the malocclusion. After approximately two weeks, you will receive your first custom-made aligners. Upon handing over them to you, so-called attachments (tooth-coloured glue dots) will be glued to certain individual teeth, which additionally help to control the movement of the teeth and fix your aligners in the right position.

3. You wear each aligner for a period of approximately two weeks 

Step by step, the Invisalign® aligners are adjusted to your dental plan. Each aligner set should be worn day and night for a period of two weeks (approx. 22 hours per day). The aligner may only be taken out for dental care, for eating and drinking or for special occasions. After a period of two weeks, you switch to the next aligner set. Your cooperation and adherence to the recommended treatment schedule are respectively important for a successful treatment and the desired outcome!

4. Look forward to your new smile

The treatment duration naturally varies from case to case. However, within 18 months, an aligner treatment usually leads to the desired success: your dazzling smile.