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How much do braces cost?

Once the decision towards braces has been made the question about costs comes up. This question has to be answered individually as prices differ from every kind of braces. Subsidies and retained amounts of insurances do not make this easier. But actually, this is not very complicated:

Starting with July 2015 the respective „Gebietskrankenkasse“ (health insurance) for children and adolescents up to their 18th birthday fully cover the costs for orthodontic treatment out of medical reasons (category IV and V). Until then usually removable braces are used, which are usually less expensive than fixed braces. These include so-called active plates, functional orthodontic appliances, and retainers.

Still, the total costs can only be stated approximately. Costs will be calculated per per year. The period of treatment depends on the misalignment of teeth and on the success of treatment.


Dental corrections for adolescents will usually be fixed with braces or aligners. Aligners are counted towards removable retainers but the costs are similar to brackets.

Also with fixed braces and aligners the costs vary depending on the misalignment of teeth and expected duration of treatment.

Until July 2015 it is valid that the price of braces reduces 50% by the second year of treatment (compared to adults). As approximate price for the year 2013 the Austrian Association of Orthodontists states about 5600 EUR for the whole treatment period for fixed braces.


Adults have to pay the expenses excluding health insurance subsidies or health insurance deductibles themselves. In most cases fixed braces are used, with total costs also dependent on the duration of treatment and grade of misalignment of teeth.

Your orthodontist will hand out a treatment plan at the beginning of the treatment. This plan continues the expected duration and costs. In average a treatment of removable braces 2013 cost between 4000 und 4500 Euro, according to the Austrian Association of Orthodontists.

Your health insurance might offer the possibility to receive grants (with fixed braces) or only pay a deductible. For details, see braces insurance.