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Holistic dentistry

To look at the body as one unit is the goal of holistic medicine. At patients request we organise specialists from different areas of treatment. The therapy can be performed directly in DDr. Jonke’s practice.


Even small changes can make a big difference - this is also true in medicine. Jaw misalignments can have a big impact on head and posture. Therefore myocentric tries to relax the jaw with the help of splints. This has a positive effect for the holistic attitude towards life. Especially the neck area benefits from such a change. Get more information on myocentric.

Speech therapy

Especially children, but also people who have grown up with a malocclusion suffer from speech defects, which can be corrected with braces. This process is accompanied by an experienced speech therapist that guides the patient through the process and helps him to an error-free, correct pronunciation.

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Osteopathy is convinced that there are countless interactions in the body. It divides the body into three systems: visceral (internal organs), parietal (muscles and other tissues) and cranio-sacral (brain, meninges and cerebrospinal fluid). The correct method for each patient will be used individually.

Find here more information about osteopathy.


This form of therapy has developed from osteopathy. Various special techniques are used to cause a deep relaxation for the patient. This primarily includes hand techniques that bring the masticatory system in interaction with the body structure - causing this deep relaxation. These holistic effects even have positive effects for the patient’s posture.


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