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Myocentric as complementary therapy in orthodontics

It is our aim to offer you the best possible therapy. Therefore we continuously expand our services and offer new possibilities like occlusal spints according to the concept of myocentric. What exactly is myocentric?

The aim of the myocentric is to bring the lower jaw in a position, which is as much relaxed as possible. A transparent plastic splint is supporting the lower jaw.

The relaxation of the muscles is caused by TENS (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation), which are gentle pulses. These pulses loosen the surrounding tissues of the masticatory muscles and dissolve any hardening. The impact of this therapy is felt not only in the jaw but also in the head and body posture.

When the masticatory system relaxes also tension and pain in other parts of the body are positively affected. The positive effects of a myocentric treatment are felt particularly in the neck area.

After a brief clinical examination we recommend you an appropriate treatment plan.

Our Myocentric offer at one glance:

  • Age group: children, adolescents and adults
  • Attending physician: Dr. Elisabeth Pittschieler
  • Location of treatment: DDr. Jonke’s surgery
  • Surgery hours: by prior arrangement
  • Health insurance coverage: No