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Orthodontics ensures a healthy and beautiful smile

For many people the desire for an attractive smile is also part and parcel of a well-groomed, healthy appearance. This means a healthy set of symmetric teeth, incisors interlocking like a pair of scissors and the molars are arranged perfectly. However, only a few people are naturally blessed with a perfect set of teeth.

However, misalignments of the teeth and jaw may not only lead to cosmetic problems - they can also cause health problems. In addition to functional disorders when speaking, chewing and swallowing, cramped teeth can also hinder oral hygiene in many cases. As a result, tooth decay and periodontal diseases can even lead to premature tooth loss.

Modern orthodontics helps people of all ages in the correction of misalignments and to achieve a dazzlingly beautiful and symmetric smile. Among other things, treatment can result in the following positive effects: 

  • An all-round attractive smile
  • Greater confidence and a self-assured appearance
  • Easier dental care
  • Less tooth abrasion
  • A more attractive profile
  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • A better functioning of the masticatory apparatus
  • Improved lip closure
  • Easier speech and swallowing
  • Alleviation of the jaw musculature and joints
  • Improved results for other dental-related treatments

Would you also like to have a carefree smile? We would be pleased to advise you on what we can do to achieve your most beautiful smile.

For your optimal treatment success we offer in collaboration with renowned oral surgeons and a combination of oral surgery and orthodontics. Our partners are highly qualified and renowned.