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Osteopathy - The body as a functional unit

For many years a close and intense collaboration has existed between our practice and the Society for Orthodontists. We have decided to enable our patients to have the possibility of a combined orthodontic and osteopathic treatment, since Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke is convinced that this combination can have a positive impact on the treatment procedure and the sustained effectiveness of the dental brace.

In some cases, tooth and jaw misalignments may also be caused through stress, shock, accidents or traumas. If necessary, an osteopath accompanies the required adjustments on the way to a satisfactory result and, by means of gentle movements, attempts to achieve a faster result that is free of complications.

Osteopathy sees the body as one functional unit. The aim of an osteopathy treatment is to stimulate the body’s self-regulation.

The three branches of osteopathy are parietal (connective tissue, muscles, joints), visceral (internal organs) and cranial-sacral (skull, meninges, cerebrospinal fluid). Different techniques are used depending on the problem area. Especially in combination with orthodontics, myocentric and other treatments offered by our surgery our patients can improve their well-being.

Holistic dentistry: Osteopathy as part of the treatment

In order to scientifically document our positive experiences, we initiated a study in April 2009 on the subject of "muscle pain with/without osteopathy“.

After checking the patient’s previous history and examination, we recommend experienced specialists. We work together closely with the specialists. Most of the treatments take place in DDr. Jonke’s practice.

Our osteopathy therapy offer at one glace:

Age group: children, adolescents and adults

Attending therapists: 

  • Astrid Medlitsch
    Location of treatment: DDr. Jonke’s surgery
    Surgery hours: Wednesday
    Health insurance: no
    Astrid Medlitsch: the expert for Osteopathy
  • Karl-Heinz Weber P.T. MSc D.O.
    Location of treatment: Vinzenzgasse 13 A-1180 Vienna
    Surgery hours: upon appointment
    Health insurance: no