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Treatment duration

The treatment costs are billed once a year and are subject to the duration of the tooth correction. Due to this we are often asked about the duration of the treatment.

Patients know that it lasts a while until the desired goal is reached - especially for dental treatments. With most misalignments of teeth it is necessary to twist or shift teeth. Of course this cannot happen overnight. Depending on the misalignment, dental braces have to correct the misplacement of one, two or more teeth.

Every orthodontic treatment is individual and suits the needs of every individual patient. This is the reason why the duration of treatments strongly varies. As reference it can be said that fixed dental braces are worn two to three years. After that period of time the patients get a retainer, which is hardly noticeable. Retainers prevent teeth to go back to their initial position. Fixed dental braces are able to work on the teeth 24 hours a day. As a result, the treatment duration is usually significantly shorter than that of removable appliances. However, misalignments sometimes are severe and cannot be corrected with removable dental appliances.

It goes without saying that with removable dental appliances like aligners or plates only regular wear brings about the desired effect. If patients are recommended to wear removable dental appliances for example 12 hours a day and the patient wears it only 6 hours, it will result in a longer treatment duration. It is essential to stick to the recommendations of your orthodontist.

Due to the fact that the duration of any treatment differs, Univ.-Prof. DDr. med. Erwin Jonke needs to do a thorough analysis and consultation to be able to tell you a reliable forecast. You will find this together with all the other information regarding treatment duration in your treatment plan. Depending on the patients’ regular wearing habits the treatment duration can be shorter or longer. To be able to recognise this in time, regular checkups are necessary.