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Preparation for braces - prior to the treatment

Each treatment begins with a personal and non-binding consultation in our dental surgery. In the process, you not only become acquainted with the medical team and our premises, but you also receive important information on the possible treatment options for the orthodontic problem. We discuss your wishes and expectations and produce an up-to-date orthopantogram of your teeth.

Diverse diagnostic findings must be present for an individual treatment plan. Our team compiles a detailed analysis of your tooth or jaw misalignment. This includes impressions of both jaws, x-ray images to enable evaluation of the teeth and jawbones, as well as photos of the face, the profile and the teeth. Based upon the analysis, we compile your individual treatment plan, outlining our recommended steps for the treatment of your misalignment as well as the estimated total costs.

Irrespective of whether your treatment plan envisages a fixed or removable dental brace, regular check-up and treatment appointments should be unconditionally adhered to throughout the entire treatment (generally over a period of two to three years).

The best orthodontic treatment can only lead to the desired success if the patient actively cooperates. The following steps will lead to a successful treatment:

1. Wear your dental brace 
In the case of removable dental appliances, nothing is more successful than conscientious adherence to the recommended period of wear.

2. Take very special care of your teeth 
Bacterial dental plaque loves nothing better than to accumulate in the recesses and corners of a fixed dental brace. Consistent oral hygiene is thus particularly important.

3. Enjoy your meal 
A balanced diet can make an important contribution to beautiful and healthy teeth. To be kind to your dental brace, you should avoid particularly hard or sticky foods - such as toffees, for example.